What Is Kamera

Earn money while you stream yourself to the world

Kamera the first live streaming video platform with blockchain technology. With many sections for everyone and everywhere, just broadcast what you want: art,food,coaching, dance,travel; everything and earn money for your live transmitions, connecting with the world.

Kamera (KMR) is a new crypto currency to tip ones webcam show. No matt er whether you’re a musician, model, professor of philosophy, fi tness coach or crypto enthusiast , Kamera is a perfect fi t for you!

Kamera gives you the opportunity to earn tokens. Just set up your own broadcast and show the world who you are and your audience will send you tips through the Kamera application. Best of all: Kamera is an ERC-20 token so there is no need to share any credit card or bank account information. This distinction is what makes us stand out among existing platforms.

Kamera stands for anonymity and takes a very low commission with 99% of the earnings being distributed directly into the wallets of our users and without third parties taking a cut.

The use of blockchain technology on our streaming platform is a viable alternative to the inefficiencies of legacy financial institutions. It provides users with security, transparency and anonymity.

Blockchain techonology uses a globally distributed system that provides a permissionless access to anyone with and internet connection. Everyone can broadcast on Kamera Live and no one ever needs to fear that his or her money could get lost or accounts could get shut down. The blockchain protects your earnings and secures your money in your wallet.







  • Open Source
  • User Anonymity
  • Revenue share: 70%-80%
  • Payout delay: No
  • Open Source
  • User Anonymity
  • Revenue share: 0%
  • Payout delay: Yes
  • Open Source
  • User Anonymity
  • Revenue share: 0%
  • Payout delay: Yes
  • Open Source
  • User Anonymity
  • Revenue share: 0%
  • Payout delay: Yes

How it Works


A user can connect to our service by registering. After that, one can create a new ethereum wallet or connect an exist ing one to our Kamera service. From now on this is the place where the user can deposit all of his kamera tokens.


Kamera tokens are based on the ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. This represents the main tool for transferring tips and payments (for watching live broadcasts) between users.

Exchange of Token

All payments on the platform are carried out automatically in KMR tokens and stored on the blockchain.

Receiving Tips

Kamera tokens can easily be purchased or sold on Etherdelta and Idex right now. After the token sale we will make sure that Kamera will be listed on the very best crypto exchanges. And if you just want to save them then they will always be secure in your wallet.

Connecting the World

Users can watch live st reaming videos by typing or paying the fee established by the user.


Users will have ratings of their profile to maintain harmony and legality when paying and charging for live broadcasts.

Good Income

Everyday billions of people around the world are live streaming videos for free. Why not be part of it? Just join Kamera, create a profile.

Freedom of Expression

Our users are free to choose the theme of their broadcast as long as it is one out of the many, many Kamera Live themes.


  • 2018


    Advice and development of the legal area the startup


    Launch of the final Whiteppaper

    Start of the software development

    Publication of the final website

    Publication of the token on new exchanges


    Launch of the Kamera aplication's aplha version.

    Marketing and adverting

  • 2019


    Kamera aplication testnet

    Beta release of the Kamera aplication


    Pilot test in Colombia, Mexico and United States of America

    Global marketing and advertising on websites such as google, facebook and others plataforms.


    Bug fixes

    Final launch of the Kamera Aplication


    10.000 Broadcasters and viewers using the service

    Tesnet service of Kamera alternative aplications


testimonial image

Jared Sierra

CEO - Founder

Marquetologist, trader and influencer in the Hispanic crypto world, re branding expert and entrepreneur.

testimonial image

Michelle Olmedo


Journalist, passioned for crypto trading and telecommunications; has worked on media and audiovisual production, and has collaborated on social media networks projects and analysis theories.

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Byron Guerra

Marketing Manager

Ecuadorian entrepreneur with vast experience in the area of ​​finance, specialist in digital markets and an active enthusiast of the cryptocurrency market.

testimonial image

Alana Ruiz

Business Officer

Community manager and successful public relations european officer.

testimonial image

Andrea Medina

Communication Advisor

Trader girl, fitness couch, a entrepreneur on social media and live streaming classes and transmissions.

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Lillie Joe

Audiovisual Officer

Dj and audiovisual producer.

testimonial image

Angelvis Yanez

Graphic Designer

More than 8 years of experience on web development; driving ideas in a creative world.

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Soraya Cerro

International Advisor

Trader, enthusiastic investor of the cryptoworld and totally Bitcoin addicted.

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María Giordano

International Advisor

Leader of thought and entrepreneur focused on blockchain, crypto and investor.

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Daniel Camacho

International Advisor

Blockchain investor, Marketing expert and comunity manager.

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Neo Zheng

Community Manager

Marketing expert, Activist and investor in shares of the stock market.

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Fabián Rodríguez

International Advisor

Programmer, investor in Crypto since 2015, Specializes in Master nodes.

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Leonel Torrentes

International Advisor

Cryptocurrency promoter, marketing group organizer and cryptomoney fundamental analyst.

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Johnatan Santamaria

International Advisor

Professional Crytotrader, Expert in Capital Management and Youtuber.

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John Leudo

International Advisor

Professional Crytotrader, Coach, influencer.

Smart Contract

With Ethereum

Invest with this currency and you will receive our tokens with 5%+.

With Bitcoin

Invest with this currency and you will receive our tokens.

With BNB

With the purchase with this currency you will be paid 10%.

With Kucoin Shares

With the purchase with this currency you will be paid 15%.