Terms & Conditions

This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or request for the sale of shares or securities of the Kamera platform or any related or associated company

The Kamera Tokens do not guarantee any control or privilege.
Control of the Kamera tokens does not give your controller ownership or capital in KameraLive, KameraLive platform or any other associated business. Even though the community‘s criterion can be taken into account, the Kamera tokens do not guarantee any right to participate in the management or decision making of any business related to the Kamera platform.

No guarantee of income or profits derived from marketing.
All examples of income and profits used in this document are for demonstration purposes or represent only the industry averages and do not constitute guarantees of the results of commercialization.

Risks associated with Ethereum.
The Kamera tokens are issued in the Ethereum blockchain. Such as, any malfunction or unexpected operation of the Ethereum protocol can cause the Kamera token trading network to operate in an unexpected manner.

Normative uncertainty.
The technology related to block chains has been subject to supervision and scrutiny by different regulators around the world. The Kamera tokens network may be affected by one or more regulatory inquiries or actions, including but not limited to restrictions on the use or possession of digital tokens such as Kamera.

Kamera tokens are not an investment.
The Kamera tokens do not represent any formal or legally binding investment. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the goals described in this document are subject to change. While it is our intention to achieve all the markers outlined in this document, all individuals and parties that acquire the Kamera tokens do so at their own risk.

Quantum computers.
Technical advances such as the development of quantum computers could present risks for crypto currencies, including Kamera tokens.

Lack of adoption and Risk of loss.
-While Kamera tokens should not be seen as an investment, they can have value over time. That value can be limited if the Kamera platform lacks use and adoption. -Crowdsale funds are not insured. In case of loss or loss of value, there is no public or private insurer that offers recourse to the buyer.